Valentí García

Valentí García (1975). Conceptual designer and artist.

Degree in Industrial Design, Elisava – Pompeu Fabra and Bachelor with Honours of Arts in Design, Southampton University (1999). Multimedia Web Design IED (2003). Abstract Painting Techniques Course, MOMA NY (2017). Master in MKT Digital and e-commerce, EAE-UB (2017).
Founder of the Vandiss design edition and Freelance Designer.
Creation of industrial product and graphic material, as well as neo-expressive painting in relief.

Is the simplicity of good taste. A collection with 100% Bath+ DNA: modern, practical and functional. The accessories, which can be white, black or chrome, stand out for their visual lightness. The flange serves as the base for their installation with 3M adhesive tape, without the need to drill. A design for young people, urbanites, people who love clean spaces without complications. A fresh collection that includes hanging pieces such as towel bars or robe hooks, ideal for placing on furniture. Combine the wall towel ring and robe hook to hang on the furniture and you will have a completely functional bathroom. Decorate your bathroom with light accessories, an urban design that follows the trend in black. Create a luminous space with accessories that can be installed with 3M adhesive tape, without drilling holes in the wall.

What is Stick?
It is a collection of bathroom accessories that seeks the purity of lines. The pieces are held up by flanges that stick to flat surfaces using adhesive tape. A proposal that is the antithesis of baroque, seeking a basic line with some differentiating detail.

Perhaps the most differentiating detail is the shape of the towel ring?
Yes, its design is special due to its asymmetry. Although Stick is a set, I would venture to say that the towel ring is its banner piece. It plays a leading role for being a lopsided square ring.

How do you manage to give a sensation of lightness to bathroom accessories?
With very pure lines and trying to keep weight to a minimum, with some sinuous thicknesses. This means making the material do its job, with just the right volume to achieve visual lightness.

Visual lightness is a current trend?
We are in a time when everything comes into play, you can find shapes with many curves where there are no sharp edges. But we are also looking back, towards Vintage. Yes, it’s true that there is a school of thought that seeks the simplicity of shapes without renouncing design. Although I don't know if we can speak of a trend.

How are the Stick accessories installed?
Their installation is quite simple. It is not necessary to drill holes in the wall, as they attach with 3M adhesive tape. Choose a flat surface and follow the instruction sheet. There are some pieces that can be hung on the side of the furniture, such as the towel bar.

What target group is this collection aimed at?
It is intended for young urbanites who like clean spaces, the purity of shapes and who can then contrast with the colours to give it a different tone, a personality of its own.