Yang Ripol

Yang Ripol is a design studio with headquarters in Barcelona, founded in 2011 by Yeonju Yang and Claudio Ripol. Both are industrial designers, but have built up experience in product, interior design, branding, packaging and editorial design.

Their work in any discipline aspires to be simple, sincere and memorable.
The studio’s client list includes Muji, Moleskine, Tag Heuer, Victorinox, Marley Coffee and LG Chem.

Is a fresh and fun proposal, born from the ingenious combination of just two pieces and a rope. The new Bath+ collection takes its inspiration from ship moorings and moves away from more traditional bathroom proposals. A towel bar, a toilet paper holder and a hook are the pieces that make up the range, which can combine two colours based on various possibilities: white, black or red for the rope and white, black or chrome for the pieces. Diablo, with its dual system, is easy to install: it can be attached to the wall with 3M adhesive tape or secured with conventional screws. In both cases, the fixing is completely secure. Personalize your bathroom with proposals that move away from the traditional solutions. Be brave and add a splash of colour to your bathroom with a more daring combination. Go for contrast and use black accessories that will stand out against white walls. Take a chance on a collection inspired by ship moorings.

How is it possible that a collection can be born based on just two pieces?
The concept is very simple, it is inspired by ship moorings and has a geometric and essential aesthetic. The mechanical principle and visual style can be easily applied to several different functions.

Diablo is a very original proposal. It flees from the idea of traditional bath accessories. Who is it aimed at?
Our philosophy is to create objects that are iconic and different, but always giving priority to functionality. Diablo is designed for people who are a bit nonconformist, who seek unique products, but without ornamentation and very functional.

How can a functional collection be created from an initial concept that is, in principle, very simple?
I believe that at times the simpler the idea, the more flexible its application.

How is the collection installed?
It is a dual collection. It can be installed by traditional screws or using 3M high adhesion adhesive, which allows quick and clean installation.

What is more important, the design or the ability to personalize lengths of space?
Bathroom products are usually rigid, we are intrigued by the idea of a flexible product that can be tied without a fixed position, as if it were a clothing accessory. This allows a very different style, customization in both its daily use and its installation.

In what kinds of bathrooms do you picture Diablo?
We see it possibly for small bathrooms, with essential contemporary-style products.