Ricard Ferrer

Product designer from the Elisava School and the Llotja School in Barcelona, with a top-up BA in Design from the University of Southampton.

“I like simple products, those which offer functionality without any pretension, that are elegant, those that fulfil their purpose.”

Is an essential idea, a simple ribbon, a taut gesture that swivels and becomes a functional object. An idea that has been maintained until achieving a collection of accessories designed for today’s bathroom. The new Bath+ collection offers a modern aesthetic, a versatile proposal that fits in well with neutral decor, as well as more informal environments. Line is an option that seeks convenient installation. It can be attached by conventional screws or 3M adhesive tape. Both options are effective. A towel bar can easily be installed on a cabinet side thanks to the 3M adhesive tape.

What is the Line concept based on?
It is easy to explain Line, in fact its formal resolution communicates the concept accurately. Line is an essential idea, a simple ribbon, a taut gesture that swivels and becomes a functional object. The challenge throughout the collection has been to keep the idea clean up to the final product, without adding elements that distract and compete with the main concept.

Some pieces combine chrome finish with black plastic. What effect do you want to achieve?
The relationship between plastic and metal is not only an aesthetic decision, fortunately plastic is now accepted in the materials sector codes, although commercially there are still some reservations and an effort is made to hide it, minimizing its presence. We think it is necessary to move the debate on the perception of materials with respect to the product positioning codes. Plastic today does not mean a low-cost product, for us it synonymous with intelligence because we can integrate diverse solutions in a single component. In the case of the Line collection, it provides an accurate fit between components, a precise relationship between metal and plastic that conveys a high perception of quality, that is the trick, to know how to bring out the best of each material and manage its codes.

How are the accessories installed?
Line can be installed with traditional screws or an adhesive bond that allows a clean and effective installation.

Who is Line intended for?
Line is voluntarily neutral, it has not been designed for a specific target group, we assume it fits better in more casual environments, due to the quickness of its resolution, but at the same time the technical aspect, the formal rigour, fits in perfectly with a more classic and timeless profile. We look forward to seeing what our customers do with the product, to see how they integrate it and how it engages with the rest of the furniture.

What sets it apart from the rest of the solutions on the market?
In Line, there is a good balance between quality, design and price that we hope the end user will appreciate. All of the pieces in the collection are well-balanced and have been designed to offer a complete essential range. At times, an accessory can be a genuine Meccano of pieces, supports, tubes, screws..., in Line we have abandoned that idea, everything is more immediate and honest.