Alicia Morato


Not only does B-smart stand out as the first glass shower enclosure launched in the Bath+ range, but it has also been designed so as to make installation as easy as possible, without needing to drill holes in the wall. The glass shower enclosure includes a practical accessory kit to help organise your personal hygiene items.

The user can install the glass shower enclosure in their bathroom by following eight simple steps, choosing whether to drill holes in the wall or attach the partition with the adhesive strips included along the sides.

The glass shower enclosure is highly adaptable. The telescopic profiling system can be extended up to a maximum of 10 centimetres. And all the models are reversible, so that you can decide which side is the anchor side and how to position the door.

B-smart it is a collection designed to facilitate functional order in the bathroom. Therefore, the included accessory kit is designed to hang on the corner profile, which was made for this purpose, without needing to drill holes to attach it and also optimising shower space. Two containers, a hook and a polypropylene window cleaner, all white, which will give you more comfort in your daily bathroom routine.

What is included in the accessory kit that comes with the shower enclosure?
Before designing the collection we took part in some workshops in which we worked with users of various ages to discover their needs. In these workshops we collected information on the accessories which you believe are essential in a bathroom environment. And we concluded that one side of the shower screen was the best place to keep them because it optimized the space available in the shower. There are two containers, a hook and a window cleaner included with the screen.

Why these three accessories?
The containers are necessary for storing soap and shampoo bottles. The hook is multi-functional, as it can be used to hang sponges, shower caps, combs, etc. And the window cleaner is to keep the shower enclosure clean. Many ideas came out of the workshop that we have been working on and we hope to incorporate these in the future, but for the time being, we think that these 3 accessories were the basics to put on the market and see the reaction of the target market. The advantage is that they can be fixed to either side of the enclosure at any height without drilling holes.

Why was white polypropylene the chosen material for the kit?
For weight reasons. Polypropylene is a resistant material but it is very light. And this is what we were interested in for safety reasons. We chose white because it is the most neutral colour and it goes well with everything.

Which is most highly valued in today’s bathrooms, order or design? Or both?
Both. As users, we like to know where all our things are and have easy access to them. But we also like to be in a pleasant environment, with an attractive design. Visual order is important because it provides balance, and with B-smart you can have this balance.