Ramón Aicart


Not only does B-smart stand out as the first glass shower enclosure launched in the Bath+ range, but it has also been designed so as to make installation as easy as possible, without needing to drill holes in the wall. The glass shower enclosure includes a practical accessory kit to help organise your personal hygiene items.

The user can install the glass shower enclosure in their bathroom by following eight simple steps, choosing whether to drill holes in the wall or attach the partition with the adhesive strips included along the sides.

The glass shower enclosure is highly adaptable. The telescopic profiling system can be extended up to a maximum of 10 centimetres. And all the models are reversible, so that you can decide which side is the anchor side and how to position the door.

B-smart it is a collection designed to facilitate functional order in the bathroom. Therefore, the included accessory kit is designed to hang on the corner profile, which was made for this purpose, without needing to drill holes to attach it and also optimising shower space. Two containers, a hook and a polypropylene window cleaner, all white, which will give you more comfort in your daily bathroom routine.

What are the b-smart glass shower enclosures like?
The glass shower enclosure is along the same lines as the rest of the collection. It is not elitist. When designing the shower enclosure, we had to be consistent with the essence of the project,we had to find a DNA that would transmit the same sensations as the furniture: fresh and functional.

And how was this continuity achieved?
We based the project on three main areas: quality European design, competitive price and easy installation. Regarding the design, we opted for lightweight profiling. In this industry it is normal to find glass shower enclosures with wall profiles measuring between 6-10 cm wide. However, we have designed a product which reduces the profiling as much as possible. The glass shower enclosure has a telescopic system that allows for easy assembly; you simply extend it until it reaches the wall. You are also able to completely reverse it on installation. Regarding the price, a huge effort was made to achieve component designs that would not increase the final price, while also not having to compromise on the final quality of the product.

One of the main features of this glass shower enclosure is its easy installation. Can you explain it?
All of the profiles that are in contact with the walls have a dual attachment system: screws for extreme installations and adhesives for normal installations, making it possible to avoid drilling any holes which only damage the walls. When installing, the profiles and seals must not be cut nor must holes be drilled in the product. All of these features make it a product ready for the end user to carry out the installation. The user opens the box and the first thing they can install are the profiles. Then, the central part of the shower enclosure can be installed to the required width.