Jaume Juan

What is B-BOX?
B-BOX is a collection of furniture incorporating a washbasin either resin or vitreous china which is designed to make optimal use of space, while maintaining a neat and harmonious interior and exterior appearance. This is possible thanks to its design and its accessories, such as the tumbler and container, which can be used either on the countertop or to keep the draw tidy, and the hanger for the washbasin. Furthermore, B-BOX offers consumers the chance to fit their bathrooms with a cabinet, mirrors of various sizes and LED lighting.

How does it differ from other products on the market?
The main difference is in its design. If you compare it to other products on the market of a similar price, B-BOX stands out because it has a design in which much more thought has been given to use and functionality.Each decision during the design and development process has been made with these premises in mind. We wanted to offer added value because nowadays consumers are looking for affordable solutions without sacrificing functionality and innovative design. We have designed two type of washbasins, warm and rounded shapes for the vitreous china one, and current and rectangular for the resin one. Also, we wanted to design a special U-bend so that we could offer deeper drawers, thus ensuring that our cupboard has the largest capacity on the market today. In addition, we have created some complements (container with cover, tumbler and robe kooks) suitable for both the washbasin and the cabinet that always seek the balance between the functional and the aesthetic.

What does the B-BOX collection offer bathrooms?
The B-BOX range is wide as it offers dimensions between 50cm and 120cm. The smaller models allow to pack lots of features into a small space, making optimal use of the space; the bigger models can create a pleasant environment where you can share but keeping your own room. It offers interior and exterior structured order, bringing harmony to the bathroom. Real bathrooms are full of everyday items and B-BOX wants to make everyday actions practical and simple, with a fresh and appealing design.

What is your target customer?
Anyone who has to furnish or refurbish their bathroom, who does not have a great deal of space and who is looking for an affordable solution without sacrificing its design. The countertop can be resin or vitreous china and the cabinets suitable for any room and style are available in anthracite, slate and either glossy or matte white for people who are looking for a more modern style, and in ash and oak for those who want a warmer feel.

What was your inspiration to design B-smart?
B-smart was developed from a series of creation workshops that we carried out to understand our market. These workshops consisted of working with users of different ages in order to determine their needs. At first, it was meant to be directed at a young audience, but in the end we designed a bathroom collection which would adapt to a wider target audience, a more practical and contemporary collection. We noticed that many users wanted easy access to everything. One of the aspects we worked on most in the workshops was order and ease of use. Based on this, we created a design with modern aesthetics, which would at the same time transmit warmth.

What would you say is most significant about the design and functionality of the new collection?
With B-smart, the washbasin unit is widened to create a fast-use area where the collection’s accessories can be kept, such as the container-tray giving easy-access to toiletries and daily-use cosmetics. As for the finishes, we would highlight the combination of painted veneer finishes in whilte, stone grey and blue, with wooden finishes in gloss-white, ash, white ash, oak, white oak and anthracite-slate grey. There is a trend towards the combination of these materials.

Which reasons would you give for somebody to install the B-smart collection into their bathroom rather than a similar type of bathroom furniture on the market?
There is no collection like this one on the market. B-smart is different to everything else. This bathroom furniture has accessories that can be personalized, at a very competitive price. You don’t get better reasons than those.

What can a bathroom with B-smart furniture and accessories provide?
One of the main characteristics is that it is designed to be easily adapted to the personal taste of each client according to individual preferences. For example, you can choose which side of the cabinet column you want to put the shelving module, and the colour of its veneer. And the collection can be combined so that the washbasin unit has the same finishes. The accessories range has been expanded. The bathroom cabinet includes a container with a tray, a double container and tray with dividers to ensure a more efficient organization of items inside the cabinet. We have incorporated other accessories which were not available with the B-box collection, such as the dispenser, a double cup and a toilet brush. All the accessories come in a white exterior, and the colour of the interior can be chosen from the same colour range offered for the veneer in order to ensure continuity in the collection.

Is B-smart the bathroom of the future?
No. B-smart is the bathroom of the present. It marks a new concept of bathroom available right now.

Does its design intend to create a trend or to meet existing needs?
Based on our awareness of real needs, we have managed to create a design that is likely to become the new trend. In the workshops we noticed that many users did not like their toiletry items to be mixed together. That is when we realized that we needed to offer solutions to ensure practicality and order.

What is the target audience?
B-smart has been designed for a very wide target audience. It is the ideal collection for those who are looking for functional order, whether they decide to have their toiletries on display or prefer to store them in the cabinet. Today’s way of life requires efficient, pragmatic solutions. B-smart meets these needs by offering design at a competitive price. The result is a collection that provides balance.