Raúl Ruiz

What is DUO?
DUO is the first collection of bathroom accessories from BATH+BARCELONA which are installed without any need to drill or make holes. Nowadays, people move house many times, many decide to renovate or update their rooms or simply to give the rooms some order to make them more functional. These new necessities require products on the market which are easy to install, without complications, and affordable for all budgets. We decided that there was a real need for which we could produce a design as a differential value. With DUO we have managed to create a collection of adhesive accessories which are suitably functional and which, unlike others on the market, have as meticulous a design as you would find in any other collection which requires drilling.

How are DUO accessories installed?
All of the pieces in the collection (hangers, soap dishes, dispensers, glasses, towel rails, toilet roll holders, toilet brushes and containers) can be easily, comfortably and cleanly adhered so that anyone can install them.

Are the adhesive accessories resistant?
The DUO accessories have undergone strict validation tests which have been carried out in our quality laboratory, exceeding a static load of above 5kg. The use of 3M adhesives in our accessories enables us to offer the very highest guarantee of bonding, to ensure resistance to moisture and high temperatures as well as cleaning products and solvents.

What does the DUO collection offer a bathroom?
This adhesive collection has been designed to make maximum use of walls and free up areas of the bathroom. It is ideal for small spaces, but also for areas which need to be well-ordered. With this adhesion system we can install as many accessories as we want, in the place we like best: on the wall, behind a door or partition or on the side of a cabinet. All of the pieces can be purchased with round trims in the more traditional line, and square trims for more modern environments.

Who are your target customers?
DUO has very diverse customers because the pieces are general-purpose; from people who move a lot to large families, young people, single people, the elderly…in short, everyone who wants functional designs which are easy to install and affordable.