Miquel de Mas

Interior designer from the Rubí Municipal School of Fine Arts (Barcelona) and technician of Interactive Multimedia Systems from UOC-UPC in Barcelona.

“As a sceptic, I seek originality and discover innocence.”

He trained as an interior designer but later became an industrial designer. He lives three-dimensionally, navigating digital environments and seeking new challenges.

Container (2002)
A set of shelves, containers and washbasin built at different levels to help with organisation.

With (2003)
Wall-hung washbasins with rounded edges that are complemented with very practical auxiliary trolleys.

Organizer (2005)
Installations that want to leave the walls where they are hidden and wander through the bathroom surfaces.

Organizer (2005)
Metal tubes with hanging neoprene structures for an optimal organization.

Global Container (2015)
Simple lines and innovative concepts reveal an ultracontemporary collection.

Container (2015)
The reedition of the original collection with fine materials creates elegant and unique enviroments.