Cosmic Studio

Team dedicated to innovation and researching new designs and materials.

"A vocation for design. We rely on the creator as someone capable of successfully bringing the concept we want to convey to the consumer."

Over the years the Cosmic Studio has been designing and developing numerous collections that have become classics. It has also collaborated with and coordinated work by renowned designers.

Architect (1993)
A multitude of pieces come out of architectonic forms that dominate with their resistance. Full collection of accessories, converted into a classic.

Inox (1998)
The resistance of steel combines with the most contemporary forms resulting in intensely sober and elegant pieces.

Logic (1999)
Pieces that bring together the functions and basic forms of the bathroom to create comfortable and pleasant ambiences.

Minimalism (1999)
Maximum wellbeing in the bathroom environment with minimum elements.

Working (2003)
Based on pure function, without ostentation. Simple forms with an extremely elegant expression.

Compact (2005)
Be part of the most personal moments. The Compact bathroom collection achieves this air of complicity, with dual functions such as integred storage drawers.

Contract (2005)
Functional forms that do not renounce the touch of elegance that makes them unique.

Extreme (2007)
Serene balance between sober elegance of rectangular lines and the sensuality of forms.

Project (2007)
From the amalgamation of circular and squared forms comes the versatility and functionality of all its elements.

Block (2007)
Sculpt refined forms. Soften angles. Trace soft lines. Cosmic has cast one of its most emblematic collections, Block, relocating it in time using a new material of exceptionally high quality.

Black & White (2010)
The classic colour contrast transforms the bathroom into a bold atmosphere or blends it in to the other components to create harmonious and diaphanous environments.

Fancy (2013)
When less is more. Furniture with washbasin, wall and counter top washbasins. Compacted collection and also adaptable to all spaces and needs. Warm and refined forms, because of its rounded edges.

Suite (2016)
After thirty years of creating exclusive bathrooms, Cosmic is going the extra mile with the launch of its first collection of high quality screens and partitions.